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Peace Symbols as Guides in the Lives of Many

The First World War caused a major shift in people's minds, the periodicals and other documents of the time show a great desire to live in peace. In this program we will reflect on paths to living in peace from a broader perspective, based on different symbols of peace that have emerged at different times and in different cultures. In a way, they point to the common good that all people desire and the way to it.

We will also work with images of peaceful coexistence in human society, which can be found in nature, in folk traditions or in literature, including biblical texts. The last part of the program revolves around creative activities like drawing, painting and others.

Goals of the program:

  • to acquaint students with various symbols of peace and present them as symbols that show not only the desires of people, but also the ways to fulfill them
  • to provide students with a space to think about their attitudes and experiences through independent work

Significant Days:

  • 11th of November 1918
  • 8th of May 1945/ 2nd of September 1945


  • Origami crane
  • Rainbow
  • Dove


  • shaking of hands
  • Origami folding