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The path to declaration of Human Rights

February 22 marks the 290th anniversary of George Washington's birth (2. 22. 1732). A statesman, military commander and farmer who became the first president of the United States. Coming from a wealthy farming family who had access to all the comforts of their time, George Washington decided to risk everything to build the first modern democratic society.

George Washington joined a group called the Patriots, whose goal was to build a constitutional republic on the American continent. The key members of this group were, for example, the famous inventor Thomas Jefferson and statesmen John Adams and Thomas Paine.

The American Constitution, which was created in 1787, has become a model and inspiration for all constitutions in today's democratic countries, such as France, Japan or the Czech Republic. Until then, the constitutions primarily gave power to lords, kings, emperors, etc., but the American constitution gives all power to the people, who then grant it to their elected representatives.

In this program, we will reflect on the values that motivated these personalities and which appear in documents such as the Declaration of Independence or the Universal Declaration of Fundamental Rights (1948).

Goals of the program:

  • Introduce students to the basic documents of modern democracy and the personalities associated with it
  • Work with the values that led to the creation of rules and laws of our society

Significant Days:

  • 4th of July 1776
  • 10th of September 1948


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  • Independence Day