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Christmas Truce of WW1

Images associated with war tend to be full of weapons, soldiers and animals, wounded and dead. This is especially true of great conflicts like the First World War which began in 1914. During Christmas that year, however, something incredible happened that inspired some artists to create paintings, books, films etc. During those days it became more apparent than ever that even the greatest wars were fought by ordinary people who just wanted to live a peaceful life.

Goals of the program:

  • to introduce the participants to the basic realities of the First World War
  • show on the world map the most important battlefields and their participants
  • to present the unique event of the Christmas Truce, which occurred on the Western Front in 1914
  • to think about the fact that conflicts are not black and white, but that there are good people on both sides of the war

Significant Days:

  • December 24th - 25th. 1914


  • Christmas Tree
  • National flags
  • Christmas Lights


  • Celebration of Christmas
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree
  • Singing of Christmas carols